At Season Refrigeration, we can assess your existing or potential commercial refrigeration or cold storage systems and advise your business on how you can design, fabricate, optimise or install a new refrigeration system.


We provide consultation to design and create an efficient product for your usage. Our team of professionals can advise you on the selection of appropriate equipment and provide the necessary costing and budget before you engage us fully.


Our design team is highly trained in a range of fields within the refrigeration industry from commercial to industrial cold room. We adopt BIM in our workflow to better visualise the proposed installation.


We have our in-house fabricators to provide customisation according to your requirements. We ensure a quality build and that the installations will be well suited for your business or usage.


Our highly trained team takes great pride in offering the highest standard in refrigeration installation within the shortest possible timeframe.


We offer equipment preventive maintenance services to provide systematic inspection, detection, and correction of failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. When an issue arises, corrective maintenance will be done efficiently, reducing downtime for your business.

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