To strive for sustainability and energy-saving techniques in the dynamic field of commercial and industrial refrigeration, results in the demand for more specialised experts in this sector. We combine our decades of experience to deliver the best and optimum products.

Supermarket Refrigeration

We offer a wide variety of refrigerated cases, from small self-contained units to a full line-up of supermarket refrigeration cases by various manufacturers.

All of our commercial refrigeration products are factory-tuned to ideal settings which means the units will be ready for business upon arrival.

Food Storage & Processing Facilities

At Season Refrigeration, we adopt the best practices to align with HACCP standards.

We use the latest computerised technology to control, monitor and record ongoing temperatures to maintain the optimum levels for food storage, allowing food items to last for a longer period, while retaining the original colours and flavours.

Air Blast Freezer

We will look into your daily operations and products before making our recommendations to customise your Air Blast Freezer.

With our Air Blast Freezers, you will be able to buy raw materials in larger quantities and preserve them perfectly with deep freezing, not having to worry about them perishing within a short timespan.

Humidity Controlled Cold Room /
Cold Room

Cold Room design requires expertise and specialisation as the whole process involves varied operational functionalities and techniques.

Our Humidity Controlled Cold Rooms can also be configured to maintain any given temperature from the smallest laboratory testing room to the largest food storage facility.

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